September 27, 2021

A Message from our CEO, Todd Wilson:

“Our organization firmly believes that our employees who can safely be vaccinated, should receive the vaccination. We are pressing all of our employees to be vaccinated and we are moving to require the vaccine as an organizational policy. I believe in the vaccine, I am vaccinated and so is everyone in my family. Being vaccinated is every individual’s best line of defense, but it does not guarantee you will not get Covid. What it does do, is greatly reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill. That is why it is so important that the elderly and those who have other underlying health conditions become vaccinated for their own protection.   

 Most of our employees have already been vaccinated. For those who have a reason not to be vaccinated, we are waiting for definite federal and state guidelines to be published, so we are strictly following these guidelines in our mandating of the vaccine. The federal government has stated they are mandating the vaccine for all healthcare employees, but they have yet to release the final guidelines to go along with the mandate requirement.

 I’m sure you are aware, even if an organization mandates their employees be vaccinated, there are still those who can decline to be vaccinated and still remain employed because they have a medical condition e.g. doctor recommends they not take the vaccine, they are pregnant, they are nursing a baby, religious believe etc. These are not decisions we make, they are made by the federal government and labor department. As an equal opportunity employer, we cannot discriminate, so we need these federal guidelines to be published before proceeding with the mandate to ensure we remain in compliance. 

 I understand your concern completely, the health and safety of our residents is and always will be our top priority. Rest assured we strictly adhering to infection control protocol and doing our best to ensure everyone is safe.  As soon as we have the yet to be published federal guidelines, we will be implementing a vaccine mandate.”